Beautifying Your Financial Picture

An Overall Picture Of Real Estate Loans And Commercial Intentions For Properties

by Darryl Nguyen

Buying a dream home doesn't exclusively involve purchasing the beautiful home you always wanted to live inside. Maybe you have dreams of earning passive income through rental properties. In today's app-driven gig economy, renting out everything from single rooms to entire homes becomes more accessible than ever. Not everyone has the money to pay for a property, but this may not be a problem. With a commercial real estate loan, a "buy, rent, and resell" plan could become accessible to the average person.

Exploring Cost-Effective Strategies

A common mistake newfound real estate entrepreneurs make is to overspend. They procure costly property that requires extensive repairs and also take out expensive loans. Such outcomes may be avoidable with better planning. For example, seeking out SBA loans can make more sense since the loans usually require only 10% down. Paying 10% down vs. 20% down lends as assist to someone with limited capital. The money saved from the SBA's lower down payment could go towards renovations and other costs. With a higher down payment, the borrower potentially takes on additional risks such as:

  • Taking out additional loans for repairs
  • Performing less-expensive, shoddy repairs
  • Only performing essential repairs and no cosmetic ones  

While a Small Business Administration loan does create some beneficial options, other strategies employing standard commercial real estate loans exist. Exploring those strategies makes good business sense as well.  

Taking Cost into Consideration

Financing overall less-costly property may lead to a better outcome for a budding rental property mogul. Properties requiring only minor repairs are not only less expensive, but lenders can be more willing to finance the sale. Commercial mortgage lenders would feel worried about greenlighting a loan for a borderline condemned home. One point becomes necessary to mention here — the less the risk associated with a property, chances for a better interest rate increase.

Expanding the Pool of Lenders

High rates of interest cut into the profit margins of a commercial endeavor. A limited pool of lenders, however, might force you into taking out a high-interest loan. Or, you could explore available options for a better deal. Buyers may benefit from diligently seeking properties that don't require much work, or the repairs can be done to offset interest rates cost-effectively. Refinancing the loan at a later date, if possible, might present a solution. Anyone with questions about procuring a reasonable interest can contact a commercial real estate loan broker. Discuss plans and intentions with a broker to possibly chart a better course.