Beautifying Your Financial Picture

  • An Overall Picture Of Real Estate Loans And Commercial Intentions For Properties

    22 July 2019

    Buying a dream home doesn't exclusively involve purchasing the beautiful home you always wanted to live inside. Maybe you have dreams of earning passive income through rental properties. In today's app-driven gig economy, renting out everything from single rooms to entire homes becomes more accessible than ever. Not everyone has the money to pay for a property, but this may not be a problem. With a commercial real estate loan, a "

  • Handling Your Legal Needs Following An Arrest

    20 May 2019

    When you're in a pinch you need the best helping hand that you can find. This is multiplied if the type of trouble you are in means that you are behind jail bars and waiting to stand before a judge. In the meantime, you will need to get help from a bail bond agent that can help you secure your freedom. With this in mind, use these strategies and begin fighting your way toward freedom and getting cleared on all charges.

  • How Your Commercial Loan Might Be Recharacterized During Bankruptcy

    15 March 2019

    Bankruptcy court has the power to reorder claims or interest through the recharacterization of debt as equity. This is done to increase the amount of money that creditors can receive from a commercial debtor and also makes it possible to eliminate competing claims. Recharacterization allows for several claims to be dismissed based on provisions found in the bankruptcy code. How a Claim Can Become Subordinated In some cases, due to the inequitable conduct of one of the parties, either a creditor or debtor, a claim might arise or might be tainted.

  • How Much Do You Really Know About Off-Shore Trusts?

    23 December 2018

    When you hear the term "off-shore trust," what comes to mind? If you've watched a lot of movies, your mind might jump to tax evasion and fraud. It's true that some unscrupulous individuals use off-shore trusts to evade the IRS and hide "dirty" money. However, off-shore trusts are not the scary, all-bad boogeyman you might think they are. Below, you will discover three myths about off-shore trusts -- and the real truth about these valuable money tools.

  • 3 Reasons to Use the FHA 203K Home Loan When Buying a Foreclosure

    14 October 2018

    When the inventory of available homes is low, as it currently is, it can be very difficult for prospective buyers to locate and purchase a home that is considered ready for immediate occupancy. A good way to expand the selection and help these buyers succeed in finding a suitable home to purchase is to make it easier for them to finance and repair homes that need work before they can be occupied.

  • Staying Above Water: Ways To Make Your Mortgage More Manageable

    24 July 2018

    After the past couple of decades—can you believe it's been over 10 years since the Great Recession already?—the mortgage scene has changed considerably. From the shaky subprime loans of the '00s to the tighter qualifications during the recession to the resurgence of adjustable-rate loans now, home buyers have experienced a seesaw of requirements. Life has been pretty good lately for a lot of people, and mortgage requirements are once again being relaxed.

  • In Your 30s? 3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Finances

    19 April 2018

    For many individuals, their 30s are when they start to hit their stride with their career, bringing home real paychecks. This is also the time period of one's life when big expenses, outside of college, such as children and homes start to come up. Your earning potential combined with life changes mean that you need to be smart with your money in your 30s. 1. Start Living Below Your Means